How this blog started!

Below was originally written in July 2011, when I first decided to try blogging. Looks like I really like it. And now that we are living and traveling full time in a Recreational Vehicle (RV), we have even more to blog about.


A few people, and very special people, in my life blog.  I love reading their updates!  I don’t feel like I am a writer or that good of a communicator.  Not that much happens in my life that is particularly interesting, but what I do love is how I see God at work in my life and the life of my family and friends!  Our God is Indescribable!

First I want to thank my family and friends who are blogging and that refresh my life with their posts:

A dear friend and sister in the Lord, Diana Furr (Cancer survivor who went on-line to blog about her battle, she’s winning, and is so in love with our Lord that her intimate blogging gives us a chance to eavesdrop on her conversations with God. But this blog was transformed as was she:  Champions of Destiny)

My cousin and a writer, Kathleen Fuller, who is also battling cancer while using her sense of humor, faith in our Lord and excellent writing skills:

Another dear friend and sister in the Lord, Kathryn Perry, a writer who can see our Lord and lessons in everyday life:

A sweet young friend from church, and also a sister in the Lord (although she is young enough to be a daughter) Ashley Starr.  She was blogging about her missionary trip to Ethiopia.  Ashley is a teacher, who has her summers off.  This was to be her second missionary trip, but days before she was to leave, her father suffered a heart attack, then a stroke and her mom needed surgery!  WOW, so much for a young lady to handle, but she has with the Lord’s direction and has been able to blog about it!

On a much happier note, and a new blogger, is another young lady, young enough to be a daughter and a sister in the Lord, Ricki Allbritton.  I met her when she was in 11th grade.  At the time, she was the Florida DARE Role Model.  She is very outspoken about her faith in the Lord, is an excellent student, an athlete, and just loves life!  She is now a junior at the University of Florida (a Gator) and is blogging about her college life:

My niece lived in Mexico for three years and was a regular blogger during those exciting years, but is now back in the states, married and has a baby, so her blogging has dropped off!  Our pastor started blogging last year, so I read his from time to time (  I have dropped in on others blogs from time to time, but right now, I pick up each of the above on my smart phone and love staying up with their exciting lives.

So let’s see if I can add a blog or two.  I may be like our Pastor and go into my archives to share some amazing things God has done in my life…while I try to catch up….or maybe He will do something spectacular and new in my life and I will be motivated to write about it!

We’ll see….just know that I am so grateful for the life I have:  very happily married, blessed with an amazing and wonderful daughter who is also happily married to a wonderful man, am living the “retired life” of luxury (with a little part-time work – just too young to not be working), have both my mom and my mother-in-law nearby – both living independently, an amazing step dad, two sisters and a sister-in-law who all would do anything for me, precious nieces, nephews as well as GRAND nieces and nephews (wow, that makes me old!) a wonderful church and church family as well as great friends!  What more could a woman ask for????

Till next time….We’ll see how this blog turns out….

5 thoughts on “How this blog started!

  1. Thank you for mentioning my blog and all these other wonderful bloggers. 🙂 I’ll be adding your blog to my list! Love you!


  2. Debbie,
    I just saw this. I might be a slow learner—-because I did not realize you were blogging until yesterday.
    Thank you so much for mentioning me. You are a blessing to me my friend and “Sista”.
    I’m so proud of you for taking this step (blogging). God will use us in ways unfamiliar to us. You are touching the lives of lots of people.
    I love you my sweet sista!
    Hugs and many blessings


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