“Being married to you is like riding a bull!”

I love my husband so much! He is so funny! My next post was going to be called, “the good, the bad, the ugly.” But life this morning was just too amazing so a preview of the good, the bad and the ugly, so I have to share a quick blog.

I remember the first Marriage Bible study we took was under Rev. Paige Young and his wife Sibby at Ferry Farm Baptist Church.  They became our role models! Anyway one block was on learning to describe your marriage through illustrations (Jesus taught by parables because our human brains can’t grasp how deep and wide His love and creation is). Bill said I was like a bulldozer!!! Can you imagine how I felt? He quickly added, “in a good way!” He then went on to compliment me on how I get things done! Phew, I was worried for a few minutes.

So fast forward to todays wild bull ride. I had a flight scheduled to be with our daughter for three days. We live in Florida and she lives in Virginia. We cherish our precious time together. I checked in on-line last night (8/15/2011) and was about to walk out the door to drive myself to the Orlando airport at 9:15 am. My flight departed at 1:00 pm and I would arrive in Richmond at 3:00 pm. My sister was going to drive up from Tidewater to meet us, shop a bit, go to dinner, then we were going to attend a special meeting with Jessica. She was going to share some major accomplishments in her life! Wow, what mom wouldn’t want to be there?

My husband is not into much computing (or flying, btw). He does enjoy on-line Sudoko and does some research for things like vacations, cheap tools, or as the president of our Deacons this term, looking for parts to change our nursery cribs from drop down fronts, which were just made illegal, to stop the drop. He has a junk email account and only goes in it periodically.

As I was scurrying around to leave, he was relaxing (or as he may admit, staying out of my way) he checked his account. He saw it and thought it was junk, then took a second look: “Debbie, your flight was cancelled and you are now booked to fly tomorrow!” I said, “don’t joke with me.” (Why on earth would this important news go to his account that he hardly uses???)

Admittedly he hates it when we are apart. I looked at it and called the airline. Yep it was true! So instead of being a bulldozer, I became a wild bull! For the next hour he witnessed my highs and lows as I tried to get another flight!

I posted a prayer request on Facebook while on hold. I needed a miracle and I needed to be CALM. Ok, I got my miracle but I was hardly calm! I can’t begin to write all the scenarios, but I said I would pay any price to get there on time! Bill was praying I cancel the whole trip or at least not spend money we did not have budgeted. 💸

And I was given a miracle.  Bill ended up driving me there so I could make my 1:38 flight time! I’ll just be in 40 minutes later, but was still able to have dinner and attend the meeting! No time to shop. Miraculously, the flight was discounted for all my hassles (I had to get a supervisor after it looked impossible to get me there.)

So I am praising God for yet another miracle in my life! Thank you my Heavenly Father for your mercy and good gifts!

I added to my prayer request for all to please pray for Bill’s safe trip home. He had a doctor appointment this afternoon. It is about a 5 hour round trip for him!

PS – I checked on the blog on August 22, 2011.  How funny it was now our most read blog posts!  And many wanted to know, how did the trip go?  First, Bill made it safely to the doctor’s office and it all was good for him (just to check on a spot).  My flight was the smoothest ever!  I made it with only minutes to spare, and only because the plane arrived a bit late!  I arrived at the gate at 1:13 and the doors were to close at 1:15. They had not started to board. Thank you LORD for your mercy!  My sister, daughter and I had a wonderful evening together! Jessica and I seem to compete on who takes the most time time get out the door – so on the way to the airport Thursday, once again, we are played beat the clock!  AGAIN, only minutes to spare!  As we are fighting through traffic to get there on time, she said, “Don’t worry mom, I WILL get you there on time!”  LOL!  We did, again, with only a few minutes wait time until I boarded the plane!  Now, both flights were out of small airports, otherwise, I never would have made it! Ft. Lauderdale and Richmond, VA airports – my two favorites.


April 11, 2021 – We have had this blog since 2011. It started out as a way to hopefully help other marriages not fail or suffer as ours did. In 2013, our focus changed as we became grandparents. We began to blog about our travels with a few updates on the health of our relationship. Many thought we were crazy to live in 400 square feet, only have one automobile and just be together 24/7/365. And here we are, today celebrating our marriage 46 years ago. We did hit some VERY bumpy roads. But we are SO GRATEFUL we are still together. Now we are wondering what should we do with this website? I’m downloading these marriage “journals” to convert into a “table book” to take into our old age – to have something to laugh about as our memories wane!  If you see any errors or want clarification, just comment or reach out to me. I think my email is listed.

9 thoughts on ““Being married to you is like riding a bull!”

  1. Debbie, I’m so excited to see you blogging, especially on such an important and FUN topic. How have I missed this????


  2. Well, you are a beautiful bulldozer at that! I loved this post. I did not see your prayer request, or I would have been praying too.
    Hugs my sister


  3. Debbie,
    Just wanted you to know I have given you the Liebster Award for your blog. Just come over to my blog to collect—–You are the best! Keep blogging my friend.
    Love you bunches


    • OH, my, I’ve just now seen this and understand it! I’m taking WordPress Blogging University’s courses…and I’ve been nominated a few times. I hadn’t been accepting on this site, but I’ve decided to accept a few of them. I did accept this award on my other personal life journey site….I’ve lost track of your blogging. Are you able to do any blogging these days?


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