Chapter 23 – Aspen!

The most photographed place in Colorado, The Maroon Bells

We recently traveled to the Colorado Rocky Mountains for our second  vacation (September 2012) there.  We spent one day in Aspen, having timed our trip to capture the shimmering gold Aspens during the peak fall season.  Little did we ever expect we would stumble on the most photographed peaks in Colorado!

Just a few of the photographers.

We used TripAdvisor to help us select places to hike and to see. We were warned that while this is the most beautiful sight to see, it is very popular and to expect crowds!  Well, not on the day we went!  While there were a number of people taking similar photographs, we felt we were nearly alone once we began our hike up the Maroon Scenic Trail Hike.  This spot is the trailhead to at least two different hikes.  So after taking several pictures we started off to the left for our easy hike.  There was a much more strenuous hike to the right, but we knew as we were still adjusting to the altitude, it was to the right for us!

One the hike, we were so pleased to enjoy the solitude!  For the most part, we were nearly alone on the hike. That is our preference as I am sure it is with other hikers….

Our quest in life is to live as we believe God intends:

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:7

We are most sensitive to His calling in our marriage, so we are not only sharing our struggles and victories in our marriage with this blog, but we are honestly trying to be a better husband and wife to each other!

So as the peaceful setting is disrupted, almost out of a television sitcom, we hear a woman saying, “I thought you knew which way to go! This is not right! Where are we? I knew I should have taken the lead! I HAVE been here before. This is ridiculous!”  Or something to this effect!  Here we are in this most tranquil setting and this woman is chewing her poor husband out!  We ended up stopping to chat with them for a few minutes and learned they were looking for Crater Lake Trail.

We had looked at it and at this late in the day, 3:00 pm, to try to tackle that hike would not be wise.  It is considerably higher, much more strenuous (although this hike was nearly a walk in the park) and the weather could turn severe without warning!  The woman informed us she was an experienced hiker, hiking many 14ers (mountains over 14,000 elevation)!  Her husband did not look as fit as us, remember, we live in Florida at sea level and the most we hike is over a sand dune! But she insisted they needed to find it! Bill remembered the sign and they went off on their merry way, well, the dog seemed merry anyway!

It was so disturbing to witness her berating her husband, we vowed to say the word “Aspen” IF and whenever one of us steps out of line!  “Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife” (or spouse to be politically correct) Proverbs 25:24.  But honestly, Bill has never been the quarrelsome one and we think the Bible knows it well, it seems the wife is usually the one to do the nagging!  So on our way back to hour hotel, fully grasping the beauty of the day, we vowed to never need to say to one another, “Aspen!”  May we continue to live in the peace that passes understanding!

5 thoughts on “Chapter 23 – Aspen!

  1. It took me about five times to finish this blog! Everytime I saved it, it completely wiped out what I had written! So hope this makes sense as I had to re-write it so many times!


  2. I love your pictures! And COLORADO….if it wasn’t for the snow, I would live there. To say the Rockies are breathtaking doesn’t do them justice. You have to be there and feel the majesty. I am often reduced to tears when I’m there, and breathing in the sweet aroma of the mountain air. Thanks for sharing their beauty with us. I love your blog. You inspire me!


    • Dearest Katt! Thank you for your kind words! We have also fallen in love with Colorado…and to be honest, my husband who despises cold and snow, said he would consider living there…except that our daughter and soon to have grandchildren is on the east coast! It really is not that cold since it is closer to the sun! LOL!
      I love your blogs as well….I am trying to be shorter thanks to you! I do tend to get a bit long winded….which when you see our Lord at work, is hard for me to not want to speak and speak some more…but His 66 books should be enough….just to show how He continues to work in our lives today is enough! Best sign off!


  3. Thank you for reminding me to “watch my tongue”. I like your “Aspen”, both the blog and your key word. We were in Colorado about the same time of your visit, only several years ago. It is true…there are no word’s to describe God’s majestic creations. The colors were gorgeous. Our colors here in NW Ohio are beautiful now and just getting more so. Love it!


    • While there is much we love about Florida, the climate and palm trees, we do miss the beautiful fall colors from Virginia. So Ohio must be the same! Since you’ve been to Aspen, too, perhaps our new word to better our marriage (and with others) should stick-not that you need it!!! And you know I can “lose” it! I pray that will never happen again! That was an Aspen moment for me and things did change!


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