Chapter 4 Love Life for EVERY Married Couple!

The secret to our 40 years! We are so thankful we found this Biblical “guide” to help us figure out how to have a vibrant marriage.

Follow the Tumble Lees!

“We have had bumpy roads?” my husband Bill asked after reading one of my blogs.  He looked  serious and a bit hurt!  “Of course, no marriage is perfect!  I want to be honest about our marriage, share the bad and the good!  But mostly how our love helps us over the bumpy roads and gets us back on a smooth road!”

We have been married since 1975 (I know, a long time ago.  Some reading this were not even  born, but yet, some reading this think we are still newly weds compared to their decade’s longer marriages!).  However, we did have a “break in service,” meaning, we divorced for a year!  Miracle of miracles, we were able to reconcile after a very contentious and heart breaking divorce.  We hurt each other deeply but we experienced the cleansing power of forgiveness, bathed in the blood of our Lord and Savior’s death…

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