We’re in Myrtle Beach!

Matthew 11 28


We’re on “vacation” or are full-time RVers ever on vacation? Isn’t our life one big vacation now?  No matter, this place is one of our favorite places to rejuvenate. We thought you might enjoy some pictures and a video of the ocean. We haven’t had a chance to see the fall foliage at Brook Green Gardens. But we will. All we’ve done so far is organize our motorhome, get our washing machine installed, washed clothes, and taken long walks every day. More to come!

25 thoughts on “We’re in Myrtle Beach!

  1. I haven’t been to Myrtle Beach in years. I love that you added the sound of the waves😊

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  2. Love this time of year in Myrtle Beach!! Have a wonderful time!

    Did you have stackables put in or a Splendide Washer/dryer combo? We have the combo, all in one and I have perfected it. I wash everything here and never have to iron anything. It took some research and trial and error but I wouldn’t be without it. Let me know if I can help:)

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    • We went with the stackables. My sis had the combo in hers and hated them! Do you wash yours sheets in them?


      • I do wash our sheets. I wash the entire set and then dry one sheet and one pillowcase at a time. I put the other set in the shower to wait:) Most people, I have discovered, that don’t like the combo try to use it like their washer and dryer at home. Less is more in these. I only ever dry four shirts at a time and then they come out without a wrinkle. I try to wash every day so I don’t have a build up. But it doesn’t take me long to catch up when we’ve been without sewer for awhile:)

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  3. Ahh, that looks so beautiful and serene! I enjoyed the video of the waves, very relaxing! 🙂

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  4. Beautiful! I’m a beach person and fall is a great time to go.

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  5. Looks like a grand time 😀 Hope I can visit Myrtle Beach one day 🙂

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  9. Thanks for the link Debbie, those are indeed great pictures and video of one beautiful place!! I’ve never been to Myrtle Beach myself, but it feels just as if you had taken me with you 😉

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  10. […] October 2015 By now we’re in our motor home and had a hard time finding anyone who could hitch our car up to be flat towed. We discovered we could at the Myrtle Beach Camping World. We now come here for many of our RV needs.  We also bought and had installed our new washer and dryer. We have been very pleased with the  service department.  […]


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