2017 Summer Travels: Amity COE Campground, Georgia/Alabama

Our 2010 Tiffin Phaeton QTH Motor Home, accompanied by our 2013 Cadillac SRX, or TOAD. This was certainly a PEAK, our site in Amity Campground, Lanett, Alabama.

On May 12, 2017, we celebrated our second anniversary of the purchase of our motor home and our TOAD (the car we pull behind us). Bill drove the motor home 13,152 miles in those two years and we’ve driven our TOAD, 34,000 miles! So we are in a reflecting mood after we read “Wheeling Its” recent blog, The Art of Slo-Mo RVing, etc., where they talked about how their full-time RVing has evolved. We could relate: we prefer slo-mo and we want to smell the roses as we travel.

We are not complaining but we have put ourselves on time constraints since we return to Virginia every three months (or there about) to spend a month or so with our grandsons – and their parents! In the meantime, we have been trying to saturate southeastern USA. But things happen and sometimes we have to miss many flower gardens and gems. Things like RV repairs. Between our time in Red Bay at the Tiffin Service Center, the tire blow out repairs and our recent generator repair, we’ve spent a little over three months in parking lot “campgrounds” since we bought our motor home. We have always made the best out of it. But since we want to see it all, it causes us to sometimes travel faster than we want. And our Summer 2017 travels are falling into that category! I’d say since we left Fredericksburg on May 2, 2017, we’ve experienced some real challenges – the main one will be in an upcoming post!

Sunset, which was reflecting on our motor home in Amity Campground, Lanett, Georgia. Watching the sunset nightly, a location we didn’t want to leave….but we must move on!

On May 9, 2017, we arrived in Amity Campground, US Army Corps of Engineers Park (COE).  It is on Georgia time, but technically is addressed in Alabama – which is Central Time! We’d wake up and go to sleep on eastern time, then when we’d go walking/exploring, we were on central time – which we love! We stayed in this lovely small campground, surrounded by a lake and filled with trees for only three nights.  During its open season (about 4 months), the only way to score a really GREAT site like ours is to be there mid-week. We’ll tell this story in pictures. Let’s first get there!

I didn’t take any pictures, but we did have to skirt around Atlanta to get here. Amazingly, it wasn’t bad, but I was helping navigate so no time to take pictures. Here we are going through the sweet town of Lagrange, Georgia. Bill is now able to easily maneuver through small towns. Thought it would be interesting to show the price of gas on the east coast.

Sorry about the quality! We are driving on county roads, wondering what we are getting into! Then we finally see the only sign to let us know, we are headed in the right direction!

That sign took us into this little neighborhood! YIKES, are we sure we’re in the right place????

Phew, there is the entrance, this was the right way. We are so encouraged as we see walkers!!! YAY, that’s what we need first and foremost these days.

We were given this map with a list of the available campsites. We had called ahead to make sure we could get in. It seems you can’t reserve these campgrounds the day you plan to arrive. The Camp host was so welcoming by having a list ready for us. It didn’t take us long to figure out where the best location was. Note the arrow!

We get to drive around and pick our site. This was on the way to where we ended up selecting. The scenery is just so beautiful.

This is the site we picked out! On the tip of a finger! Nice and flat, partial sun, quiet and so serene!

Here we are! All settled on our site, # 55. Ooopps, that marker says it’s 52! How did that happen? Thankfully, the camp host was very kind when he let us know we registered to be on another site. Thankfully, this one was free until Friday….

This is looking down the road from our site. #55 is on the right hand side down a bit. It wasn’t a bad site….but we can see it all from # 52.

The trip here was uneventful, except some concern if we were really on the right road! We got set up, ate then went off to explore!

When we checked in, we asked if they had a map of the trails. No, was the response but they are easy to find. She hadn’t been on them, so she couldn’t tell us much more. It wasn’t so easy finding the trail head, but we did!

Which way to go??? We decided we’d try Alligator Creek since we (actually Bill) is a bit obsessed about these amazing creatures!

This is really the trailhead or the end of the trail, depending on which direction you come to the trail. From the campground, it’s the end. But we want to see more! It was getting a bit late, so we decided we’d return and see if we can make it to the next Corps Recreational Park.

We had a cheering party great us upon our return! What a treat. We counted about 6 once they took after after saying hello!

We returned to the moon rising to our right, which is also over a little island!

And the sun setting to our left, or west! Wow, just so amazing!

The next day, we made it! We hiked all the way over to Rocky Point Access – another Corps park, but mainly for fishing and it had a beach area. The beach was closed for a few more days, but we could walk to it, just no car access.

This is the beach area at Rocky Point Access. We are looking over at our campsite! We walked three miles to get here….

This was the picture Bill took of our campsite. We were hoping for a picture suitable for framing! We need a better camera. We had hoped to take a class on how to take great scenic photos. We just never had time. We are using a Nikon Cool Pix P 90. It’s about a decade old!

Sadly, our time had to come to a close. This was one of our best stays, but it was also way too short. But there was no way we could have stayed longer if we wanted – it was booked up over the weekends – for the rest of the summer!

There are just times when every thing works out so perfectly! We had no idea what we were in for here, but Bill has an uncanny ability to find us honey pots! Although I found that last one, Dan Nichols City Park in Salisbury, NC. We ended up hiking over 15 miles these three days. Wouldn’t you say, so far, our summer travels are going pretty smoothly?  We just wish we weren’t having to travel so fast. We have a date to meet up with family by Memorial Day. Next stop, back to Red Bay, Alabama.

Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out.

15 thoughts on “2017 Summer Travels: Amity COE Campground, Georgia/Alabama

  1. You found a beauty of a park and a perfect campsite! We love COE parks but they are sometimes hard to find. You think you are on the wrong road and then there it is! West Point Lake is beautiful. We camped at one of the other RV parks on the lake a few years ago. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We’re getting hooked on them!!! We’ve got to take up fishing, though. This one was a beauty! But we’re going credit that we were in Georgia! Wanted to stay in each state we drive through!

      Liked by 1 person

      • We try to stay in each state we drive through, too. We made two trips out west and missed Colorado so we had to go back. We have a map of the states on our RV and only add the ones where we camp. Driving through doesn’t count!

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      • We love those maps! But until we branch out farther, it wouldn’t make sense….unless we could add stars each time we stay in a state!

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  2. Great post on your stay at Amity Campground!! Just about every campground on West Point Lake is nice!! Love the sunsets over the water!!

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  3. It is getting harder and harder to be flexible and plan as you go so you can stay as long as you want in one place. We’ve gone from stay a few days at each stop when we started to spending at least a week to two weeks at each stop. We really prefer a month in many areas. All of the COE parks we have stayed in have been fabulous. They do such a good job when they construct the parks. Luckily, with this life on the road, we always have the option to return:)

    I was surprised to read your concern as you approached the COE park. Remember that none of this should have been have been a surprise because you drove these roads on Google Street View first…didn’t you!? If you drive these last couple miles, you know exactly what the route will look like and know what to look for so there are no surprises. As John was driving our arrival here to the park in Bend, he came on an overpass that we wouldn’t have fit under!!! He then went to our reservation confirmation and the website which say not to follow your GPS or Google directions because of the low underpass. This is one of the many reasons John always drives the area that approaches a park or anything he questions on the route. If Bill did this prior, it would add to comfort while driving:) Just a tip that has saved us and made our arrivals so much more relaxed:)

    Beautiful site on the lake and great hiking photos!!

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    • Haha! You got us. I did say at one point, we should have used google earth!!! It’s that darn limited GB plan we have…I do always read their directions and if any questions, call now, too. This just looked like a simple route!
      Oh we love the month long stays! It’s like “home!” We compromised and said during the high rolling months, let’s stay a minimum of a week. But then these COEs in the summer are booked on the weekends! We do love them and we’re in a FABULOUS one now. We’re here visiting family so we’ll have to move at least 3 times over 2 weeks. Starting with sewer for 4 days then without for 5. Then we’re on the hunt for the remainder. It’s a 30 minute drive to see them. We could stay in town and have full hook ups, free wifi-but no where to get in a good walk or hike! Oh and it’s more than double the cost and is very dusty! Guess we’ll move around here! Lol

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      • Sometimes moving frequently is part of the life, as well. We did that with our 25 days we had between reservations in March and were trying see as many ruins across Arizona and NM. You kind of take on a different mind set when you are moving frequently.

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      • Oh yes! As long as we know what we’re up against, we get the mindset to do it. For the first time, we decided after breakfast to leave and move 125 miles. We’re excited that we did it and had no disasters! Lol


  4. Mary Raymond

    After reading your post I am even more antsy to get started on my short summer excursions I have planned. Next winter I plan to take a month. Sadly because of some responsibilities I can’t go full time so I will live vicariously through those of you who do. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Nice Camping Site! The sunset picture looks good.

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  6. Samuel Junoi Samuel

    It’s really an adventure!
    I used to wonder what an adventure was like, but I got a picture of it as I read and loved the pictures.
    I’m glad you had fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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