We’re on vacation!

We had a “chance” encounter with a dad and his teenage daughter yesterday. We were all looking for a trail, them to run and for us to “hike” and explore. We shared a little about ourselves and the young lady asked what we did all day as “full-timers.” I loved the question, but after more thought, next time I’ll say we’re on a perpetual vacation!
The longest we’ve ever vacationed, before we were full-timers, was about 10 days. In those 10 days, we still had the cares of the world with us, such as the need to do laundry, clean our place (or have it cleaned when in a hotel), made sure our bills were paid up or on time, and we may have even had an issue with the car or motorcycle. We took lots of motorcycle vacations before this lifestyle.
So now, as full-timers, it’s like we’re on a perpetual vacation! We love beaches, mountains, state or national parks, museums and gardens. We go from place to place, always excited about our next adventure vacation!
So as I write this, our exciting day was planned for a 5 mile hike in Silver Springs State Park. That’s where we thought we were going yesterday, but those plans came to a halt. In fact, we more or less “lost” a day of vacation yesterday because we got a late start and then we got lost! The first picture is from our GPS, and shows where we met the young lady. We didn’t get to the museum we had hoped to visit, nor take a hike in a national park, both we had hoped to do. And that’s the beauty of this lifestyle, no matter our issue, being sick, getting lost or getting a tire fixed, we’re not stressed that we lost a day of our precious vacation!
We both started working when we were young, Bill at age 8 (newspaper boy for 5 years, then odd jobs until he was an adult), and my first job was at age 16. And in fact, we became “work-a-holics.” We had a hard time finding time to vacation. But now that we have the time and good health, we’re mastering it!
We are so grateful for this lifestyle! And we are thanking God that we caught the flat while parked and not on the road! It was a 12 penny nail!

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)

5 thoughts on “We’re on vacation!

  1. We can relate to being work-a-holics. Just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary this past November. Our first “vacation” was two years ago with a cruise to Alaska. Enjoy your perpetual vacation!

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  2. The great thing about being on the road is that if the spot you’re in doesn’t work out or you don’t like it, you can always pack up and leave!


  3. […] on “vacation” or are full-time RVers ever on vacation? Isn’t our life one big vacation now?  No matter, this place is one of our favorite places to rejuvenate. We thought you might […]

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