The best of the best!

This blog started as our marriage blog. Click here for more information with the list of chapters regarding our broken marriage, the divorce, and restoration!

In August 2013, our world was rocked, by the birth of our first grandchild. And long story short, we bought a recreational vehicle, a 5th wheel, and began traveling from our home in Florida to see our grandson in Virginia. We discovered we loved traveling and within a year sold everything and became full-time travelers. This blog was then transformed into our Travel-blog!

From our Travel blog as part-time RVers:

  1. Jekyll Island
  2. Our ideal day in the world of RV travel
  3. Our first-year itinerary
  4. This isn’t how we prefer to travel

From our Travel Blog as Full-Time RVers:

  1. How We Became Minimalists
  2. Oh my my my
  3. US Army Corps of Engineer Parks Winter 2017
  4. We Really Wanted to Love It

Our transition from Full-Time RVers to living back in a sticks-and-bricks home/lifestyle.

  1. We’re settling down – Our Exit Plan and Selling Tiffany (our Motorhome)
  2. Update – Life After Full Time RVing
  3. Celebrations Continue: Easter, Anniversary and Hiking (Part 1)