Marriage Blog Posts

This blog started as our marriage blog. Our hearts are tenderized to the dilemma’s of marriages. We had a good marriage, saw it end in divorce, forgave each other, reconciled and remarried. We do think we can help other couples who are OPEN to suggestions.

We have 27 “chapters” of various real life events to help guide couples, for us to be transparent and share our struggles, and hopefully, use a little humor. But our main source of marital bliss is found in the Bible. We believe marriage was created and designed by our Lord and Savior. So you will read meaningful scriptures throughout our blog.

In August 2013, our world was blessed, by the birth of our first grandchild. And long story short, we bought a recreational vehicle, a 5th wheel, and began traveling from our home in Florida to see our grandson in Virginia. We discovered we loved traveling and within a year sold everything and became full-time travelers, eventually buying a motor home. This blog then transformed into our Travel-blog! Eventually we settled back down in a sticks and bricks house. I need to rethink the purpose of our blog. In the meantime, Click here for the best of the best of our travel blog.

Here is the index of our marriage blog posts:

  1. We love the beach, how we met. 
  2. Why share about our marriage? 
  3. Ok, we forgave each other, now what?
  4. Love life for every married couple – our marriage manual
  5. Just what is love anyway?
  6. What destroys marriages – or at least destroyed ours?
  7. RX for the BEST marriage!
  8. “Being married to you is like riding a bull” (embarrassing self disclosure.)
  9. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
  10. Reflections – visiting with our former pastor (who re-married us) and his lovely family. 
  11. September 11, 2011 We were on vacation in Colorado. This was all I could post on this memorable day
  12. Our Colorado Vacation My dad was stationed in Colorado for two tours of duty. I LOVE this state and Bill wanted to travel someplace far and see the best of the USA!
  13. Our Colorado Vacation Part 2   Well, it was so good we managed three blog posts. So much to do and see! Including family!!! 
  14. Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak – more family time!
  15. Life in God’s Waiting Room!  We were visited and played host and hostess to a nationally syndicated author!
  16. Christmas Gifts Dilemma!  I think of this blog every Christmas season. Will it ever change?
  17. The trouble with marriage   This is a heart to heart chat I’d love to have with anyone thinking of marriage or newly married, or worse, on the brink of divorce.
  18. What? You don’t feel loved????  More self disclosure. We have to be honest….
  19. At the foot of the cross – My all time favorite blog post. It is where our miracle happened! And it was a miracle as we despised each other. That happens in most contentious divorces.
  20. Why be married?  Interesting conversation while at church.
  21. Kumamatata (no worries) – A day at Animal Kingdom and what we learned. It is something we have strived to have in our lives….We keep missing the mark!
  22. 1 John 4:13-16  God used these verses to teach me what love is!
  23. Aspen!  Bill learned to love Colorado as much as I did. So we returned! Bill actually fantasized the next time we visited, we would be driving our motor home! But then reality hit him – he can barely drive up the rockies in a car, let alone a motor home! 
  24. The lost years Bill and I took many motorcycle trips while we lived in Florida. This is the only one I wrote a blog about. Sad, sure wish I hadn’t lost those memories and pictures. 
  25. Forgiveness  This is another FAVORITE post of mine! It is vital to life!!! 
  26. Thanksgiving in April!
    1. Clearing the air!  More self disclosures….Should we be so open and honest? Is this helping others???                     This is the end of our marriage blogs, however, we will revisit our marital status periodically as we converted this to a Travel Blog 


Larry Hurst – Tribute God used Larry and his absolutely love wife to help restore our marriage. How sad when he passed away, too young. This is the first of my many tributes to loved ones who have passed on….