World War II Letters Home – Earl Lees – Part 1

My blogging efforts are focusing on our family history/legacy of World War II. When Bill and I visited family over Thanksgiving, we dug into a treasure trove of family history. This post is the first of many as we look towards Memorial Day 2023 when we will honor our three WWII family veterans, Bill’s parents, and my dad. Yes, Bill’s mom served with her sister! We have always been proud of them but little did we really know or understand what they went through. Our regret is that we now see missed opportunities to hear more from them firsthand. We hope to learn more as we dig into their history.

Real life....

SGT Earl Lees, US Army
Co. B. & F. 60th Infantry
He was promoted to Staff Sgt, but no pictures with his new status.

Both my husband and I are so honored to have parents who served during WWII. Bill is doubly honored as both his mom and dad served. Not together, but met soon after returning home. I started this blog with a tribute to my dad, click here. I’ve written a tribute to Bill’s amazing momhere and shared her WWII letters here.

This is the first of a multi-part series as I plan to write about the actual service of all three of our WWII vets. Our neighborhood has an active Veterans Association. As such, twice a year, they hold patriotic ceremonies to honor the service and memories of the loved ones of our residents. This blog is a result of our desire to…

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