Series on Heart Disease


Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017. The best “before” picture is in our fifth post about Metabolic Syndrome.

While we attempt to keep this blog for matters related to our full-time adventure travel, sometimes we will reblog someone else’s GREAT travel post, or we will have something personal to share – which is rare. Debbie usually posts those things on her personal blog, Since we’ve had a real eye opening health event, it has caused us to feel compelled so share some of our new journey into restorative health. This page has the links, below, to each of our posts to date.

Please feel free to comment and/or ask questions. We have learned so much, but number one is the only person who can really take responsibility of your health is YOU! This was not easy for him, but Bill felt he had no choice. And he does feel grateful as I said I was in it with him 100% – that REALLY helps!  We never knew how wonderful things would begin to turn out once we caught on!

First post, where it began: Heart Disease

Second post, Heart Disease: Accept it?

Third post, Heart Disease: Understanding How to Live with it

Fourth post, Heart Disease: Entering a New Country

Fifth post, Heart Disease: Metabolic Syndrome

Sixth post, Heart Disease: Heart Healthy Diet

Seventh post, Heart Disease: Debbie

Eighth post, Six month update: What do you do when your world is ROCKED?

Nineth post: Bill’s One Year Anniversary!

Tenth post: It’s been three years!