Our latest adventure!

Grandson #2

Don’t we look happy?

Words just can’t explain the JOY of a new born baby, especially when he was delivered before my eyes (Debbie) last night, August 22, 2015. He is his big brother’s twin, born nearly two years apart, born at the same hour, weighing nearly the same as well as the height! What fun we are going to have! And we thank God for his safe delivery, for how excellent his health is and how strong our daughter was to endure so much pain. Fortunately it was only for a few hours.

Our #1 grandson was with his paternal granny. Yay, she and her fiancé had a great time with him and the family puppy dog (nine years old but a 9 pound miniature dachshund). It’s great to have family close by to help out.

What was wild was that Bill ran errands while my son-in-law, daughter and I were in the labor and delivery room. And as is his tradition, he ate dinner at the local KFC. Poor guy, he doesn’t enjoy the finer things in life! Anyway, introvert that he was, he had his Sudoku book as his dining partner. Went into the far corner and settled in his world of escapism while he waited for #2 grandson to be born.

So an older man, age 91 and his new 79 year old friend came over to sit NEAR him. And a conversation was struck up. It started talking about the song playing, by Skeeter Davis, “Why.”  Bill was familiar with it and in fact, we knew her from our days in the ministry. Then the topic switched to politics and Bill gave him a great education. Then Bill learned their story.  They just met. He was widowed in April. They both have adult children, grand children and even great grandchildren, but none of their children want to help them out. So they are both alone in the world and found each other. They counted their pennies and hired a taxi for a date out for dinner. The woman admitted she was depressed and really struggling in life. They each barely have enough money to live on and don’t have the where with all to locate help.

When Bill picked me up from the hospital, the first thing he said was how blessed we are to not only have each other, but to have a daughter we know will always look out for us – as we have done for her all these years and now help with our grandsons. So all the JOY we felt was tempered by the situation of two lonely strangers who coincidently sought him out.

He gave them several suggestions and they were so appreciative he was so friendly towards them. It was as if they were still in their own awkward stage of a new relationship. This morning, as we prayed together and for our daughter and her family, we also prayed for this couple. Our hearts ache for them as we have so much joy with our daughter and grandchildren.


“Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?” Job 12:12

28 thoughts on “Our latest adventure!

  1. Congratulations on the newest member of your family! And for sharing your husbands story…I believe he was meant to be there!!!

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    • Thank you! Most definitely! I forgot to add that they profusely thanked him for his time that evening. And they were so excited for the anticipation of the arrival of our second grandbaby. But so sad that they both had children and grandchildren in fact I think great-grandchildren. But no one wanted to have anything to do with them. That’s a travesty in our culture.

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  3. Congratulations and so wonderful to hear all is well. I’m sure you’ll want to hang around awhile before hitting the road. I know I’d have trouble pulling myself away from that precious gift.

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    • We’ve been here 2 months and are pretty exhausted. We’ve worked like crazy for them, getting everything ready and more! We’ll not go to far and we’ll be back in 3 months for 6 weeks. They’ll keep us here on the east coast. So we love following you two, The Lowe’s, The Places They Go and a few more! We’re right there with you! Lol

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  4. Wow… you had a new grandchild yesterday!!! Congratulations!!!!

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  5. Congratulations! Nothing else can compare to holding a new grandchild for the first time!

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  6. How lovely! Congratulations on the new grandson. So happy to hear labor and delivery went well. And God bless you and your husband for years and years to come as we need a lot more people like you who are willing to even just pray for others. Sending much love!

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  7. Congrats on the new grandchild! Bill has an interesting way of celebrating the anticipation of new babies. Enjoy the wonderful times your grandkid will bring!

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  8. Brewer116@gmail.com

    Congratulations!! I have been “unplugged” for awhile and just catching up. He shares my birth date – August 22nd. You look thrilled! 🙂

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  9. Congratulations! Your daughter and her husband are blessed to have you on their side at the time they most need you. I remember my mother worried and agonized at the time I am on labor. It helps to know there is someone out there who is caring and looking out for you. It’s a great feeling to have a new baby on our arms 🙂 Have fun on your adventures!

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