Taking an Internet Break!

We’ve slowed down a bit on our travel blog. Mainly, because we have a limited internet plan which we usually can manage. But this month, we haven’t stayed in many places with free wifi.

We’ll let you know what is ahead with a sneak peak! We will have stayed in three consecutive US Army Corp of Engineer Campgrounds: Gunner Hill outside Montgomery, Alabama, Cotton Hill just over the Alabama/Georgia border in Fort Gaines, Georgia. And finally, in East Bank near Bainbridge, Georgia. Then we’ll hit a private campground with free wifi and we’ll catch up!

We’re experiencing the best of all RV travels: Maybe not the best hiking, but excellent long walks, really experiencing “America the Beautiful” with our 1/2 price discount passes, wonderful American history peppered with messages to help our spiritual life!

Check out our public FaceBook page (you shouldn’t have to have an account to view it) and you will see some snapshots of what all we have experienced these past few weeks: Https://FaceBook.TheTumbleLeesTravelAdventures.com

11 thoughts on “Taking an Internet Break!

  1. Enjoy your break! It’s all good,you’ll give me time to catch up on some reading 🙂


  2. We just upgraded our family plan with AT&T…now each line has 22g’s data and then it slows down if there is demand on the internet. Also each line has 10g’s tethering as a mobile hotspot. No charge for overage on any line. Gals you are getting a break and enjoying long walks (in between rains).
    Take care and stay warm this week.

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    • We’re looking at options. So far we’ve always stayed under our shared 18 gb. We just tighten our “belt” so to speak!
      Glad we were able to walk before the rain started here. And that my knee is recovered!
      How’s your weather? Stella spilling over on you? She looks like a big one!


  3. I’m on a data diet too 😥 We had good free WiFi in TX and sure got spoiled, but now we’re back to our limited plan and need to watch our usage.

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  4. Debbie, it is good to hear from you Have a blessed week. ~ Fran

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  5. Taking an internet break is good. We end up spending time doing things we like and not glued to mobile and laptop 🙂

    Nice perspective

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    • It’s being forced on me! I like to document out travels as they happen – for our memories sake. But I’m running out of data for the month. So have to cut back on something! We are outside and active a lot. But I’m sure my husband will agree, nice to not be looking at my iPhone or computer!


  6. Shattered in Him

    Lots of rest to you!!

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