No Class B for us and West Virginia, Part 2

You may have figured out from our last post, when we said we were lost in the woods, we found our way out.  If you missed it, click here.   We had taken a short hike, about two miles, in a heavily treed park nearing dusk. We did finally see enough daylight to find our way out! And perhaps you may also have figured out, I can hike! We haven’t been in the mountains since March 2019. Let us continue with recent travels that took us to the Beckley area of West Virginia and in particular, New River Gorge National Park and Preserve (NRG).

Day 3 August 24, 2021

Miner’s Museum Our friends from Beckley highly recommended we visit the Exhibition Coal Mine and Youth Museum in the City of Beckley. It is the #1 activity according to Trip Advisor and it was well worth it! We bought our tickets and had about 45 minutes before the underground mine tour began. We enjoyed the quaint museum. We always like to learn local history. We certainly appreciate what miner’s did for our country to provide fuel for heat and energy for transportation. So this really was beyond anything local!

We had some time before the tour, so meandered around the recreated coal miner camp. We wanted a good seat, so went in a bit early. Our guide was an absolutely amazing story teller – coming from a long line of coal miners and working the mines himself for about 25 years. His sense of humor and way of keeping us all engaged was fascinating. After the underground coal mine tour, we finished looking around the rather large camp which also contained interesting history. Click here for the official website. 

9 thoughts on “No Class B for us and West Virginia, Part 2

  1. I love your writing, your photos and mostly your love for discovering and experiencing new places. You have the same passion we did while living full time in our class A. We gave it up and my husband died suddenly a couple of years later. I truly hope you do find a way to continue your travels and keep sharing them with us. I miss the adventures we lived terribly and am so enjoying living your adventures through your posts! Rosalyn Chauvin


    • Thank you so much Rosalyn! I’m sad for your loss, but as your byline says, “Because He Lives!” That was one song we played at my mother’s memorial service. It was so beautiful! We have figured out how to travel! We are actually on a trip now….that was why I had to catch my blog up. Stay tuned we will explain next time!


  2. Wow, I had no idea that barbers did so many things


  3. What an adventure! You two certainly live a full, blessed life. (FYI: I published my 4th novel yesterdat,yay!!!) ❤

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