Crystal River (Part 3 and final)

We’re becoming fonder of our time in Crystal River as we move forward in to our latest adventure, our first, and most excellent, Florida State Park camping experience. A blog is forthcoming on it.
On Sunday after church, we did manage a short hike on the Great Florida Birding Trail. It was close to the Crystal Isle RV Resort, so that was a bonus. We thought it would be packed with birders as the trail head parking lot was full! We only saw two birds, but about 15 people fishing. As it turned out, it was more of a fishing hole. Nothing was biting, but the children brought along were having a blast. The trail wasn’t very long, but we managed to stretch it out to a 1.42 walk. Here are a few pictures of the trail:

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Bill noticed a sign to a beach of some sort, so we found it after the walk. It’s called Fort Island Gulf Beach. And that’s where we found all the birds! It was an interesting little beach, possibly man-made according to Trip Advisor. We ran out of data, for the first time, so we didn’t research it before going. We got some nice pictures:

And finally, will close with a video of friends, the Snowmads. This is a young couple we finally were able to meet in person at the Florida Super RV Show.  The are also “full-timers” but was still working.  From their blog site: “We’re Jason and Kristin Snow, an adventure-addicted couple in our early thirties who walked away from cubicles and conventional lives to travel a new road – one paved with less routine, many new friends, and crazy experiences at every turn!”  And they recently got to kayak with the manatees!  We had hoped to do this as well, but with the freeze, the manatees left the area.  Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Express Yourself.” I needed a prompt to blog during our “down time” to handle the mundane tasks of life.  Today, I am supposed to finish preparing our taxes for our accountant. We’re due a refund so I don’t need much motivation, but being a full-timer now, makes it so hard to sit inside the camper while it is a GORGEOUS day outside. I’ve already put it off enough and today is my deadline.  So after reading Ingrid’s awesome post this morning, I decided to take a quick detour and join this weekly photo challenge!

There are four things in this world I love as we travel. So first, the foundation of our marriage began walking on a beach in Jacksonville, Florida 40 years ago, just about to the month!  We were “falling” in love and discovered we both love the beach. So here are just a few snaps of our recent walk on Little Talbot Island near Jacksonville.

Little Talbot Island

The way to the beach is almost as good as the walk on the beach

The walk to the beach

The walk to the beach

Fabulous beach

Fabulous beach on Little Talbot Island

Cool dunes!

Cool dunes!

Bill lived in Jacksonville, FL soon after graduating from a technical training institute. He fell in love with the beaches and vowed to never move north….then he met me (Debbie), who was from the north. And like the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years, it looks like we’ve been wandering that long too!

We decided to travel full time because we no longer know, or really care, where we live (in a stix and bricks house). Because as much as we love the beach, we’ve decided it’s not the place to live…permanently! We love to visit and during the off season! We just bundle up a bit!

So the next thing we discovered about each other is that we love to visit historic places, museums and gardens. So while in Jacksonville, we went to a garden/museum we had not visited before, the Cummer Museum, a garden and art museum. Now this was a bonus visit as it also had a great water feature, the St. John’s River! I just couldn’t caption these as it depicts a few things. One is a very old and huge oak tree that has become art itself. Much like life, as it grows, it adapts to the environment! My words just can’t do it justice! And then this fabulous urban museum overlooks the St. John River where I captured a boat gliding by with a bridge just peeking through my pictures. This was once a sanctuary for a family to express themselves, entertain and eventually help rebuild Jacksonville after the great fire of 1901.

And then our third love, we discovered we had was in July 2003, hiking! After we moved to Florida in 2005 (the Bible says God will give you the desires of your heart, so this was after 30 years of marriage), we thought our new found love of the mountains was never to be revisited.  But alas, in November 2013, we discovered we could easily find ways to hike. We just take our mobile-home with us and go to the mountains. And have we ever!  Here are a few snaps of our most recent visit to the mountains, near Franklin, NC.

We discovered our love of hiking goes back to our childhoods. Bill played in the hilly woods growing up outside of Pittsburgh, PA. And I spent a glorious six years in Colorado Springs, CO as an adventurous little girl.

So this brings me to our last great love of things on this earth and it is because of this, we have become full-time RVers! So we praise God for whom all blessings flow for delivering to us the next best thing in life, next to our own child, is our grandson! You see, when he was born, we lived 800 miles apart. And we were in Florida where Bill had yearned to return after our marriage nearly 40 years ago! So here I sit in the warmth of Florida while I blog, and thinking on these things that really help express who I am!

One year old birthday pic

We’ve entered the promised land!