Roaming Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Since we’re not traveling, might as well continue to share some of our favorite bloggers and RV travelers fabulous posts. I lived in Colorado for six years, from about 4 years old to 10. My childhood memories were captured here! Then I took my husband there for vacation twice, in September (and we did go to Pikes Peak and experienced a blizzard) and he fell in love with it as well. We can’t wait to take our RV there. One day…..

Lowes Travels

We’re back in Colorado, and this time we’ll hang around the central and western areas of the state until the threat of nasty weather runs us off to warmer grounds.  The first time we stayed in Colorado last spring we were enthralled with the beautiful scenery around us, and the many iconic outdoor places to explore and visit.

On the current migration toward our southern winter destination we’re climbing over the Rockies on I-70.  Our first stop includes a long-anticipated visit to Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).

Boyd Lake State Park A morning crescent moon (with Venus nearby) appears  at Boyd Lake State Park

A 5:30am wakeup at our home base at Boyd Lake State Park in Loveland gave us an early start toward RMNP, which allowed us to avoid the crowds for several hours.  Leaving before sunrise also rewarded us with an alpenglow as the sun slowly rose to awaken the sleeping giants:

Alpen Glow

Some 4-legged morning greeters were on hand as we entered the park:

Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park Our greeters…

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