We’re back on the road – After trying to buy a Class A Motorhome

TiffinPhaetonWe had hoped after our 30 days in Sebring, our home base, we would be driving north in our new Class A Motorhome. But alas, it’s not to be. But it has been a journey and an education. We have a friend who has written lots of great blogs on how to buy a motor home, so I will share those with you: Start here. But for now, all we can do is share our meager journey into this educational experience.

We attended the Florida RV Super Show and sat in on an hour presentation on how to buy the right RV. Since we already owned one, we were really at that “teachable” moment! The main thing we learned is that your first RV is an education in an of itself! Amen!

We have learned never be in a hurry to buy an RV. We were in a hurry to buy our first one. We had no idea how much we would love RVing or that we would become full-timers!  We had been looking at the Class As for years, had attended a number of RV shows and taken a few other courses.  The most notable was on the difference between “Extended RV travel and Full Time travel.” When we took it, we were just starting to travel in the RV.  It helped us see we were doing Extended RV travel and we were ready to move into Full Time Travel. Lesson learned, we under bought and now we should be able to “upgrade” relatively easily, right? Wrong.

So what is our problem? Price! We just don’t want to pay the going rate on a new model.  The 2015 models are out, but we have been trying to by a 2014 at a “blow out” price. That’s what we did in the past, sort of. We bought a new 2014 Keystone Xlite Cougar (a 5th wheel) at the beginning of the 2014 model year. We are so spoiled, we have never had to buy used, well, a used car anyway. So what we are buying is a new home on wheels. We have bought many used homes. So we need to marry the two!

And now the wait, bathed in prayer! We know exactly what we want. We are no longer in a  hurry. We’ll trade our unit in and of course, sell the truck. We can’t flat tow the truck – it has to have the right transmission. And we really don’t want to anyway. As much as we love it, it is fully loaded with every feature needed to pull a fifth wheel, it’s too much for us to not be pulling a rig.

So if you know anyone that wants a great rig and fabulous truck, tell them to connect with us! It’s all for sale. We have it posted on Craigslist, but each time we move, we will move the listing to that area. The truck is a 2013 (we bought it at the end of the model year) F-150 Ford Lariat Ecoboost. It can tow up to 11,000 lbs. Our 5th wheel is 7,800 lbs.  The gas mileage is great for a truck, around 20 mpg or better not towing and while towing, no less than 11 mpg!

Ready to hit the road!

Ready to hit the road!