One Word Photo Challenge: Hot

After a very cold winter, traveling from Virginia (January 7, 2915), back to Florida (January 9, 2015), back to Virginia (April 2, 2015), and finally back to Florida on May 7, 2015, we never were “hot” until this day, May 18, 2015. We traveled from Cocoa, Fl (and never were “hot” there) to Troy, Alabama. Well, except for a short time the day my hubby crawled up on the roof of our new home to inspect it:   So on May 18 in Troy, Alabama, it finally hit 90! We settled our home into it’s site, and then took a two mile hike around the beautiful Walnut Creek RV Park. We were covered in sweat, but no close ups! After our hike, we went inside to start dinner. We heard a whirlwind and then a crack. Looked out the door to see the destruction of this once perfect tree!  Our hike around the lake:  Where we were (in our new home):  Husband took this pic of a sweaty me with this new beautiful sign: And that was our hottest day for longer than we can remember! We’re Floridians because we like it HOT!