Canal Campground, Grand Rivers (Part 2)

A view while out walking

A view while out walking. Many great views also have a bench or two!

We really liked Land Between the Lakes (LBL) the first time we camped at its Hillman Ferry Campground (HFC). When we left, we said we wouldn’t go out of our way to return….Who knew we’d be back within a month!

It was wonderful when our friends, Betty and Bob, recommended a stay in a hidden gem, Canal Campground, just at the northern tip of LBL. We loved it and extended our stay to eight days! Two things made this a better experience for us: the fact that it is an US Army Corps of Engineers campground (so we paid 1/2 price), and we had excellent cell phone and Mifi signal to research where we were going next and beyond.  We heard other people say they used to go to HFC, but, also discovered this campground and preferred it. Some turned 62 and some said there were fewer children here. 😞

There is so much to do in the LBL area, besides hiking, which is what we did the first time in this area. Here were the few things we finally were able to do and really enjoy, which we missed during previous time.  But first a few more pictures of this lovely campground. And you’ll see why it was hard to leave …. Continue Reading