I just noticed we’ve made 100 posts on this site and can’t really celebrate it. Here is an update from my (Debbie’s) personal blog on why you may not see any travels for the next few weeks.

Real life....

It’s been hard to do much blogging, so decided to just explain what is going on. We’ve seen about every life event this year, with the best and most recent, the birth of our second grandson. And we just joyously celebrated our first grandson‘s second birthday a few days before his baby brother was born.

We are living a life most dream of: Loving our lifestyle as full-time RVers, traveling to and fro as we please (or do we?). We even selected a nickname to define our dream, calling ourselves the TumbleLees. A play on the word tumbleweeds with our last name, Lees.

You can catch up with our travels on our one year anniversary and itinerary on our joint blog here: TheTumbleLees. We wrote this anniversary post just two months ago. And at that time, the reality of this year had not yet hit us….

We mentioned…

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