Our First RV Resort: Tampa East, FL 9/5-7/2013

After three years of dreaming of owning an RV and traveling, we finally did it!  The road here was not easy, but was bathed in prayer!  And many things came together and we have to give God the Glory as it was all miraculous.  So I’ll try to categorize this to make a long story short.

A slide show follows this narrative.  But first, few pros and cons about the resort.  Pros:  location was perfect, just two miles from Camping World, where we bought our first RV; it really was a resort and we were in awe of the beautiful pool and amenities; the office staff was outstanding, really helpful; the bath and laundry area were kept clean.   Cons:  It was rainy season and the lots were mainly dirt with some grass so it was hard to level the RV.  Will we return, probably not because Tampa is not our favorite vacation location in Florida!

The dream:  Bill wanted one of those Class A vehicles that are like a bus and some are on a bus chassis.  He wanted to carry his motorcycle on the back on a lift and tow our small Toyota Tacoma truck.  So for three years, we went to RV shows and looked in side 100’s of them.  Bill also searched on line for a used one, looking for the perfect one.  My sister and her husband bought one around 2004 and traveled with our mom and step dad for a year or two.  She wanted us to buy one and said she KNEW we’d love the life style.  I hadn’t retired from work and that was the last thing I could think about, but it looked attractive.  I’m not sure when Bill decided that was what he wanted, but it was years later.

The push:  Our first grand baby was due the end of August 2013.  So that caused us to say, it’s time to start traveling, mainly to see him or her.   We got serious but we still were bogged down as landlords.  Although we had sold all but one, we just didn’t think we could leave until it sold – and miracle of miracles, it sold right out from under us mid-August.  The pressure was now on to buy, so we actually found one that fit his dream, offered to us at a bargain price ($150,000 something for a mere $109,000).  As tempting as it was, we had to figure out the financing and sleep on it.  We actually just lost that much and more in our real estate ventures, so that gave us pause.  Plus, after I sat in the driver’s seat, I freaked and said I could never drive it!   Our precious grandson arrived early, August 19, so we were there for about 10 days.  Since I didn’t want him in day care at age 2 months, I offered to come for a month when our daughter went back to work and would watch him until he was 3 months old.  So we returned to Florida knowing we needed an RV soon!  So I called on some used ones and learned the market was flooded with them and all for sale we the balance owned on the loan!  We only wanted to pay $50,000.  So Bill was so discouraged but I had faith!  So off to one last shot at a small RV show.  We pulled up to a couple in their brand new Ford truck.  We asked how they liked it and they loved it and were there to buy something to tow.

The decision:  Bill decided he would look in every different RV vehicle this time.  So the first one was an extra light 5th wheel.  In my mind, this was the way to go, but I kept quiet.  It was fabulous!  Love at first sight!  WOW, who would have ever thought?  But then Bill said we could never afford the truck to pull it, when a man came in and said, just think, my F150 ecoboost truck can pull this!  Bill said, “really?”  And that was when we realized we could live the dream and travel more economically.  You see, just to get out of Florida from our home is a one day drive in an RV.  That didn’t seem feasible with all the time we wanted to travel to see our grandson.   So we then set out to get the best deal we could and we did!  With on a few days, we bought our truck and new 5th wheel.  I had heard from one sales center they will let you stay in a campground nearby for 2 days to make sure you can set it up and take it down before you head home.

Our sales man set us for two nights and three days at the Sun RV Resort called Tampa East.  We had no trouble setting up but had a few questions and realized we needed a few more items from Campers World, where we purchased our RV.  Our sales man came our first night, even though it was raining out, and gave us a warm plate of home made brownies with carmel and chocolate!  Sweet!

So here is a review of both our campground, where we are steps from a fabulous pool that we had to ourselves (it was off season in Florida) and the nice nature walk we took at Lettuce Lake Park, near University of Central Florida.  Just an interesting side note, while walking around the lake, we heard a lot of helicopters and sirens.  I said I bet a fugitive is loose – and it was a horrendous situation.  He had killed one person and he ended up dying in a gun battle.  Sad ending to a wonderful weekend.  Kiss and hug your loved ones!

Meet our grand son then the slide show of the Resort:

Six days old

Six days old

Sorry these are not really in order, I’m new at this!

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