Is it time to hit the road? #VanLife

We both agreed it was time to get off the road in our 2010 Tiffin Phaeton in December 2019. Only one thing Bill asked was for us to agree to take a road trip a few times a year. We have only been able to make one such road trip since then. We have made several trips to see family but never seem to make the time to stop and smell the roses on the way there or back.

We are starting to dream! From WanderLust blog
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Crystal River, Florida (Part 2)


On March 16, 2013, we rode our motorcycle to Apollo Beach to see the manatees. Loved it that they had special parking signs for motorcycles only!

We try to not be negative, but we also don’t want everything to be seen as we are living the “perfect” life.  We have our ups and downs, which even happens on vacation!  But we’ve never struggled to find something redeeming about an area we’ve visited or even a campground.  But we really struggled with our time in Crystal River.

One of the biggest attractions to the area are the manatees.  But since we were there during the big Florida Freeze of 2015 (February 19-20), they had fled the area and the manatee sightseeing centers stopped the tours.

Fortunately, in 2013, we had been to the Florida TECO power plant area in Apollo Beach and for free, saw many manatees.  So we were OK with not paying to see them. Here is a little video of our time there. We saw much of Florida while touring around on our motorcycle. Sadly, Bill didn’t think he could manage both a motorcycle and the RV. So now we cherish our fond memories of some great travels on the bike and this day was one of them!

And here is a really great blog of a couple we follow (on their blog), who really spell it out (making the most of where ever you are) and we do TRY to live this way!

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