How is it going?

We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

But a question we’ve been asked:

What do you like about being full timers?

Every day is an adventure! We just spent three weeks back in Sebring to visit family (most important) but we had oodles of appointments; we discovered our storage shed was compromised (water) so we had to clean it out; and we ended up putting in new insulation on our underbelly.  So we would categorize the time there as being in the “real world.”

It is a simple, minimalistic lifestyle – which we love!  In fact, we feel like we are the 20 year olds that met 40 years ago and got married without a dime to our names, and in fact, I brought some debt along (college and a car).  Thankfully, we are debt free and we now have more than a few dimes to rub together.

Not just anyone can do this, though.  We discovered yesterday, a travel day and a “real world” day that you have to be flexible and be able to go with the flow! So to do this, you have to be very FLEXIBLE!

So today, we’re off to explore one of the hidden treasures of the Myrtle Beach area, Brook Green Gardens:

5 thoughts on “How is it going?

  1. So how is the map creation going? Are you making progress?


  2. We’re still loving it too – having been full-timing now for 15 months now. It’s a great lifestyle and we’ve often said we feel like newlyweds all over again. We’ve made friends all over the country and it’s so much fun to reconnect when we end up in the same place once again. Looking forward to seeing you again this winter!

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    • Interesting we’re discovering more and more full timers with the same thoughts!
      BTW, I went to your blog to follow you two, but didn’t see a way to do so. But then FaceBook sure works! Lol!
      Looking forward to seeing you two again!


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