How Our RV Travel Adventures Started

Bill on top of a peak in Stokes County, NC

Bill on top of a peak on Hanging Rock in Stokes County, NC. This is significant because he is terrified of heights!

Click here for a post about us going full time, which was official on July 15, 2014

HOW OUR RV TRAVEL ADVENTURE STARTED:  In August 2013, we turned a new chapter in our lives as we both began to turn 60 (Bill first).  Two things happened:  Our first grandchild was born, and, we came out from under “work” obligations (we owned rental properties but Bill officially stopped working in the “real” world in Nov. 2004 when I was transferred to Miami and I retired in February 2006.  And then I worked part time for our local sheriff and school board for five years).

We are so blessed that these two things happened at the same time and in fact, have to give Glory to God as it all was really a miracle! So we now had a dilemma, our grand baby boy is over 800 miles from our home.   Bill is now ready to enjoy the retirement we planned for many years ago and be able to enjoy our grand baby.  AND we want to travel.  So we bought a 5th Wheel and now take our home with us wherever we go, which includes frequent visits with him!

We are now both in our sixties (just barely) and we see a need for Adventure Travel columns or blogs to help us along.  We actually subscribe to a few and decided we would add our own flavor.  Maybe we can inspire someone else.  We welcome comments, questions and individual contact.


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  1. […] Our blogging then changed to a travel blog in August 2013. We still share marriage stories but we now entered a new phase of life, being grandparents. But we had a dilemma.  We now lived 800 miles (1287 km) from our daughter, her husband and our first grandchild. To make a long story short, our solution was to buy a recreational vehicle and travel and sightsee our way to and from time with our daughter as she began to have children. Our blog just morphed into a Travel Adventure Blog! You can read our first post on how we began traveling here: […]


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