Happy New Year…but what happens when you are sick?

No temperature!

No temperature!

The decision to become full time RVers was easy for me (Debbie) but for Bill, he had many questions and concerns (his nature). BUT he never let on to me, as this really was more his dream than mine, and he was so happy I was on board!
So once one of us became sick and we survived, he casually commented, “Well now I see it’s not a big deal to get sick (and well) in an RV!” It’s really not a big deal, just like living in a stix and bricks home. So then he shared how he HAD been concerned about one of us getting sick (we are both generally very healthy, just the aging process that gets in the way).
TBH, I’m not sure which one of us was sick first, all I know is that today, I am sick with a sore throat and headache. Bill has had the flu and a cold over the past two weeks that ended up as acute bronchitis (he went to an urgent care since it was lingering).
The point of this is, that a friend who is under-going radiation for cancer wanted me to come see her – as long as I wasn’t sick or a carrier. We were supposed to get together tomorrow – she’s about an hour away, temporarily during her treatment. She can’t get sick, so she sent me an email two days ago asking how I was and why wasn’t I sick when everyone I am around has been sick. I told her I had a good immune system, eat right, am well-rested and by God’s grace!
And then, today, I woke up sick! Ouch! So I turned to my sister-in-law, who is an RN for some advice (whether I am contagious and since I’m not sneezing, coughing or running a fever, I shouldn’t be). I love what else she said, so I’m just going to quote her!
“…use good hand washing techniques….there are like 7 factors to why we get sick such as: amount of bacteria/virus transmitted, route of transmission, portal of entry, host susceptibility, few more on the list. Just think about one of those listed and there are many factors to think about too. For example host susceptibility: in order for us to fight getting sick we need to be well rested, well hydrated, nourished with good food, and living in a state of peace with God and others! If one of those is not at optimal levels we find we are MORE susceptible to picking up disease. That’s why living according to Gods instruction book is so helpful, i.e. Sabbath rest, maintaining heathy relationships, etc. God really did create us ‘wonderfully and fearfully.'”
So today, I am going to take it easy, rest, continue to drink water and lemonade (feels good on the sore throat), eat chicken noodle soup, and continue to nurture my relationship with my husband!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year…but what happens when you are sick?

  1. Linda Leesa

    😀. Get better soon…I am sure you will since you are traveling down all the right roads.


  2. Ops! I’m not Italian, I’m Irish! So it’s not Linda Leesa! It’s Linda Lees!


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