We’re back where we started 16 months ago

And now we’re trying to find time to reflect on our first six months as full-timers-which means no more stick and bricks home to anchor us down (financially more than anything). We’ve blogged about our first five journeys here.
Let’s just say, we’re loving this lifestyle! So we’re back where we started on September 4, 2013, when we bought our 5th wheel and truck. We’ve now towed it almost 12,000 miles! While we really like our rig, we are about to embark upon upgrading to a Class A. And oh there are SO many considerations. We’ve followed other full-time bloggers so many of them are our inspiration. They’ve started our education process. And now, we’re attending the Florida Super RV show in Tampa to get up close and personal with the manufacturers. And meet up with some new Full-timing friends!
We’ve tried to map our last six months but I keep hitting a Google map glitch. So for now, here’s a glimpse of that map:

These last six months, we did a big circle and a half (we are starting over on January 1, 2015, departing from our daughter’s home to complete the second circle), covered over 3,330 miles towing and have had a blast! We’ve climbed mountains and combed beaches. We’ve camped with friends, visited with family, and friends along the way, and explored the unique history of our founding fathers, war heroes, and pioneers that made this such a great country. We stand in awe of their accomplishments! But the best part, and most important, is the quality time with our most precious grandson, oh, and our daughter and son-in-law, our moms, my sisters, nephews, nieces, and grand nephews and nieces! Well, must confess, to see all of them, we did make one flight to Illinois to attend the wedding of our nephew. But that’s the beauty of our lifestyle, we can take off and fly when and where we need to, but Bill prefers driving!
So stay tuned to learn more and see what we decide to do.


Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward for him.”

Psalm 127:3

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