Fun at the Florida RV Super Show!

Two pictures which depict the highlights of our time at the Show.  Bill isn’t in the photo, he is “working” inside, learning what we (he) needs to know before we buy our dream home on wheels!

These four are talented bloggers and full-timers as well as experts in their respective fields! They have inspired and taught us much and more! Jason to Debbie’s right, his wife Kristin Snow and one of their puppies in front (The Snowmads) , and Gerald and Shari Voight (their website is referenced below), to the left.

This couple is so inspiring with their youth and creative talents! Jason helped rescue an extensive I not only wrote over, but deleted! I’ve hoped to meet up with him one day and finally did!

To learn just what exactly this Florida RV Super Show is, visit here, a post written by friend pictured above, Gerald Voight:

Learn all about the Snowmads at

The back story
This was our 3rd or 4th time at this show. We’ve gone to nearly every other RV show in Florida at least once (maybe 10?). In the beginning, a Class A motorhome was a dream for Bill. I love to travel, so it was interesting to think about owning one. My mom and step dad were full time RVers for a year when they first married (looking for a place to settle down in their new life) and one of my sisters and her husband owned one for a few years. In fact, my sister told us we’d love the lifestyle and we should get one. This was when I first retired and Bill just started managing our newly purchased rental homes. We weren’t ready-and that’s the key!
In the summer of 2013, we were ready to buy an RV, Bill holding out hope for his Class A – and me, Debbie, just not sure! Well we compromised and bought a beginner 5th Wheel, only to absolutely fall in love with the lifestyle! Now it’s time to upgrade and the 3 days at the show were for our final education in the process of deciding what to buy! Now to find that dream home on wheels!

(Depiction of the type of Class A motorhome)

8 thoughts on “Fun at the Florida RV Super Show!

  1. They look too young to already be full-time RVers! lol. Yeah, I’m just jealous.


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