Motion Photo Challenge: Love

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Motion.”

Running to his grandma!

Running to his grandma!

We’ve been “off the road” so to speak (we’re full time travelers) but for a month camping near our 19 month old grandson!

Grandparents joy when grandson comes running!

Grandparents joy when grandson comes running!

More love

Caught him running to me again!

Just love him!

And finally, He’s running towards the sound of a tree trimming operation at our campground!

He’s always in motion!  But I’m never camera ready. Except for these few precious pictures. When I’m picking him up from Daycare or have him at our campground, he makes my heart smile with LOVE!

5 thoughts on “Motion Photo Challenge: Love

  1. Beautiful little boy and what a smile. I can’t believe you are a grandmother as you look very young. I married later in life (34) so may not fare as well when (and if) my two teen boys (13 and 15) have children 🙂

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  2. Thanks. He’s definitely stolen our hearts!


  3. PS…I inherited great genes…my 91 year old mom looks fabulous and still acts like a kid…I guess that’s my secret, too. I still think I’m 20!
    Love the two articles you sent me…from your blog! Looks like we have lots in common.


  4. Cute photos of your little grandson ! Kids are always so innocent 🙂


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