A quick post – the WRECK!

Looking for adventure

Looking for adventure

Phew, we have had quite a month. We try to go “off the road” and visit (and help) our daughter and her husband as they settle into their “new” older home. But even better, is to spend as much time as possible with our grandson!

The month of April flew by.  Most of this was family time, so we’ll just share our campground review of a new and much cheaper location for us when we are there. Click here for the review.

Our time there ended with a bang, literally! We lent our son-in-law our truck (which tows our home on wheels) to run an errand in which a truck was needed. We always reassure him to not worry about an accident (he hates borrowing it). So after many many times, it happened. He was rear-ended while stopped with his turn signal on. He’s OK as is the other driver. But both trucks were seriously damaged.

Rendered unable to tow

Rendered unable to tow. Believe it or not, the frame was bent!

To keep a long story short, while we were devastated because we had just sold our RV and we had just begun to advertise the sale of our truck. We needed both of these transactions done to help us buy our new motorhome and get a new vehicle to tow. Miraculously, we wrangled through insurance process (the other driver was found to be at fault) and all is well.

The culprit

The culprit

But in the meantime, we really struggled with each other and this whole “adventure travel” things. It was so funny how one of my favorite bloggers touched on this very subject! She asked, what does adventure mean? From her blog, she “Googled the meaning of adventure. The word adventure could be used to describe an unusual and exciting, sometimes hazardous, experience or activity.” Well, after reading the definition and then her blog, we thought maybe we’re not really on an adventure. So we are beginning to think of a better way to describe what it is that we actually do.  Anyone have any suggestions?

In the meantime, we rest in God’s assurances as we see things working out:

Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

3 thoughts on “A quick post – the WRECK!

  1. It’s just a new chapter in life with all the ups and downs of everyday life. We spent the past month helping our son remodel his home. It’s been fun, but we’re ready to hit the road. So hubby wanted to run the generator a little bit since we’ll be boondocking the next 5 days. He ran it a couple of weeks ago too. First pull this morning and the rope broke 😦 Just another ‘adventure’. Look forward to hearing all about the motorhome and thanks for the kind mention!

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  2. […] in 2015 with a total of 70 since we started. We hit a glitch in keeping up with the mileage as our truck was wrecked and we didn’t get that mileage before it was turned over to the insurance company as a total […]


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