Hiking to Parker Lake and Some Hot Water

Two of our favorite hikers, who blog and post pictures beautifully! Join us in this fabulous journey!

Oh, the Places They Go!

Lee Vining, CA

On Wednesday morning we drove south of our RV park here in Lee Vining to explore the June Lake Scenic Loop,  a loop road about 15 miles long that passes by a number of beautiful lakes.  But first we needed to fill the Jeep’s tank with fuel, a painful experience in the mountains of California!


About twelve miles south of Lee Vining we turned west on to the loop road.  After about a mile the road crests a hill and June Lake comes into view.

June Lake

At the Boulder Lodge we stopped to get a close-up view of the lake.  No need to guess where the lodge gets its name.

A few miles further around the loop we spotted some water spilling over the rocks above us.  A little research revealed it to be Horseshoe Falls.

Horseshoe Falls from a distance

A closer look reveals the waterfall…

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6 thoughts on “Hiking to Parker Lake and Some Hot Water

  1. Thanks, Debbie:) We are having a wonderful time on our first trip down 395!


  2. Parker Lake looks absolutely beautiful and are those Merrill boots I spy?

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