Week 2 off to a great start!

Once, after proofreading one of our posts, Bill commented, “This is really good!” ONCE. Then I began to take Blogging 101 courses to improve my blogging. I’m now proof you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

Our last post reflected our mood, so to speak. We were still reeling from our blowout, the weather was either dreary, raining or cold. And every day was “work” except for the day we took off to attend the Florida RV Super Show. And that was a real treat! And perhaps when things began to look sunnier!

I am enjoying time with my sister. Especially when we get to walk together. But we are so glad we have each other to help mom clean out her house and prepare for a new adventure in life (a drastic lifestyle change).

Day one of week 2 started off with a tremendous rainstorm. And we had a 9 am appointment with our GEICO Insurance Adjustor. We were really nervous about them as an insurance agency for our motorhome. You never know how good it is until you need it and then you pray you never need it! All I can say is so far so good! From the initial phone call (Is everyone OK?) to our adjustor’s arrival….and departure.

Here is our disclosure, though. Our daughter works for GEICO as an insurance claims adjustor. And she’s good! No brag, just fact, based upon her performance appraisals, etc. Whenever we need to look at our insurance policies (we normally use USAA since we can), I always get quotes from GEICO and she gets a credit for it. Whether we insure or not. And the few times we have switched, we have saved a ton of money. And these have been for hard to insure things – like in Florida, rental properties are very hard to insure if you have seven properties in the same county! They say it increases their exposure….if you understand such things. And then our motorhome. Both times, we were most surprised and have been very pleased.

OK, this is getting boring but I do want to give GEICO some kudos! And if you’d like a quote just to compare your coverage, let me know so I can give you our daughter’s associate number so she can get credit for it.

Bill had two plans to fix our motorhome. The first plan was to do most of it himself. After all, his background and training meant he could do it. Back up plan was just to take it back to the factory at Red Bay, Alabama. We did love our time there after we first bought it. But the timing would be an issue in the middle of winter. Maybe we would have to wait until May?

For nearly a week, Bill tried to get the part in to repair our steps. That is really the biggest concern. After my glorious three mile walk around our campground, we decided to take some pictures of this issue.

Our adjuster gave us another option after Bill’s attempts to get the part needed failed. Oh the RV industry is not an easy one to deal with. I guess I should mention that Bill used to also be an insurance claims adjuster, was an auto body man and ran an auto body shop among a few of his past jobs. He KNOWS how to get parts. But not RV parts….

We learned there is a GEICO “preferred” repair shop not too far away! That spoke volumes to Bill. I went on over to mom’s to work while Bill went to check out the shop. He was so impressed and excited. First the bad news, they are swamped this month. Then the good news, they can fit us in on February 8, the day we hit the road from here. And it’s only about 45 minutes from mom’s home! So hopefully, I can still have time with her and my sister.

And more good news! They can sell us all the tires we now need, fix the steps AND do the body work. We will then have peace of mind as we really don’t know if our wheel is really safe. On our way back from the RV show, we clocked how far we drove on it after the blowout. At least 1/2 mile (.08 kilometers). We planned to take pictures of that drive, but it was dark when we returned home.

So below is a photo gallery of my three-mile walk around the park on Saturday.

IMG_0837 (1)


Love the palms, the blue sky, and the pleasant environment, between an orange grove and a freshwater lake! These photos are not in the best order, took them as I walked from our site and back.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Week two continues….and we can’t wait to attend church in the morning!

15 thoughts on “Week 2 off to a great start!

  1. Glad things are going well with the repairs and the insurance. Thanks for a nice tour of the park.


  2. Sounds like everything might be coming together. Both my kids are adjusters with Liberty Mutual. I was an independent CAT adjuster for a short time (too old to play that game thus didn’t last long lol) Hope GEICO approves of everything.


    • That’s amazing you’re two are also adjusters! I’m sure dinner conversation is about like my daughter and husband! It’s good to know when things happen to us on the road.
      We didn’t realize we had road side assistance with them. We had Good Sam. Called them and it was a nightmare. A trucker stopped to help us. He called his local contacts (it was his day off and we were in his home area) and got us fixed up in no time. Good Sam wouldn’t reimburse us, but GEICO is! Pretty amazing.

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  3. Nice to hear that week two has things looking up:) It must feel like a weight was lifted when all the repairs came together. Your fancy new step arrangement will work in the meantime:) Great that you can get three miles in walking the park. Sure helps the stress level! Hope week three continues on a positive note:)


  4. Thanks Pam! So far so good. Got in another 3+ mile walk. We’re near a state park so we need to make time to check it out. And I’m planning to start showcasing this sweet county-our home for over 10 years. Just need a few more hours in the day!


  5. I am glad everything is working in your favor. I was in insurance for 40 + years, I was a commercial underwriter. I also had GEICO and found them to be very good. We have State Farm for our autos now and they are very good, however, always busy. We had a house in FL (rented out due to transfer) and our insurance company replaced the roof, due to wind damage. House is now sold and that chapter in our life is now closed. Be safe in your travels.


    • Thank you for your comments. Glad to hear more positive things about Geico.
      Wow a 40 year career in insurance!
      My folks have State Farm and they’ve always been good. When our truck was totaled back in May, the man who hit us was insured by State Farm. They treated us wonderfully!

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  6. Hii, I’d like to have a short interview with you for my blog. If you like to do the same, do mail me at impeccablehopes@gmail.com

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  7. Off to a great start indeed Debbie! 🙂 Sorry about that damage. You know, maybe it’s a sign to pause and enjoy something…? But don’t stress. And remember, if you need some help with something, you know how to get my attention 🙂 Take care now!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol, we learned that lesson when our truck was wrecked! We broke our vow to go slow and smell the roses along the way….but we were rushing to help my newly widowed mom….
      Appreciate your comments and offer! I’m a bit complacent about my two blogs at this point – too much other stuff going on!

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      • Hey, priorities Debbie. A blog still stands as long as its creator doesn’t give up on it. Family and life matters, well, they don’t wait. Go and do what’s important to you!


  8. wow your busy.


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