A happy medium….

Here’s a personal update since I’ve had a hard time keeping this site updated this past week.

Real life....

Brookgreen GardensFollowers may have noticed, I have mainly been “re-blogging” on this site. I’ve really wanted to stop trying to maintain two blogs, but each really stands on it’s own. Or does it?

I’ve tried to shut this one down in the past and was encouraged to keep it going. It doesn’t take much to encourage me!

So what has been happening to keep me from blogging? I’m sort of keeping my family and friends updated on our Travel Blog and somewhat giving a glimpse of our lives in our FaceBook Travel Adventure Page. But this blog is where I want to be free to share what is happening through my eyes and in my voice. Although if you ask my husband, he will tell you I write the other blog (but I do it from how WE see life) and update our FaceBook page….but I do try to do…

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