Columbus Belmont State Park, Kentucky (Final post)

Confederate Trenches

Confederate Trenches: the State Park has preserved this elaborate system of earthworks dug by Confederate soldiers.  It was not hard to imagine how hot and steamy the job was for these men as they dug the trenches. One soldier wrote home, he thought he would melt!

While Bill and I are students of history, our favorite way to learn is up close and personal! We didn’t discover our common affinity for history until we moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia, in 1996. We not only went into Washington D. C. to visit the museums, we also set out to visit nearly every nearby battlefield, and Virginia has its share of them. We really enjoyed the few times we were able to listen to a National Park Ranger give an oral history report.

In the Columbus Belmont State Park, they have great signage as you take your own self guided tour, which is complimented by the Museum and 8-minute video presentation.  Continue Reading