Liebster Award


It’s an honor for your blog to be nominated for an award by other bloggers.  The first time I was nominated was for my personal blog, Lifetime Of Forgiveness.  Please click here to learn more about this award if it is new for you.  And for purposes of this post, I am writing this as Debbie.

We don’t want to stifle the award and we do want to play it forward. The Liebster Award is to honor new bloggers or bloggers with less than 200 followers. We started this blog in 2011, but never really noticed how many followers we had – we were blogging for ourselves, family, and close friends. We had maybe 20 followers – and as of today, 195. We’re almost ineligible for this honor!  We are pleased this blog has morphed into something strangers are now interested in. So in that regard, we do want to pay it forward!

So we owe thanks and appreciation to two other newer bloggers: Lacie of See You Starside, who also likes to hike, and Jasmin, a young mom of LittleNuggetBigNugget.  Lacie found us on our post about becoming minimalists. And we connected in several other areas. Here’s a little bit about her from her blog: “My name is Lacie and I’m a quarter-lifer from Georgia. I’m an introvert who uses my blog as a way to get some social interaction without having to see the face to face judgment of those around me.

“I love nature and hiking, and thanks to my parents, I have quite the sense of wanderlust. I devour books like no one’s business. I can cook a mean chocolate pie, sew a quilt for a new baby, fix most basic car problems, and listen to your issues like your teddy bear.

“In short, I am a complex person and I have, much like my blog, quite the list of interests. I believe that everyone has a story to tell and they are all important. This is my story. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s sad, but it is mine, and it is true.”  I’ve enjoyed many of her posts and we are in essence, classmates in Blogging University. So it has been fun watching her grow in her blogging capabilities. I love her honesty!

Jasmin and I connected over our love of babies! But we have several other connections. This is a bit on her “About page” which shows some other areas we’ve connected: “I am 27 years old living a less-than-perfect life In Southern California, trying not only to make my life beautiful, but also see the beauty in it all. I’m a pessimist living in an optimist’s body. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Well, this is what happens when you spent your high school years in therapy because you were depressed, on meds, and suicidal. Really, just feeling lost and out of place. If you stick around, you’ll see I’ve come a long way, but you’ll also see there are random moments of anxiety and depressive thoughts, and that’s just the aftermath of my teenage years….”

For me, these awards are all about encouraging one another, encouraging one another and sharing each other’s talents with others. I tried to make sure they have not be nominated for the Liebster Award, but I may have missed it. No matter, it is worth your while to  take a look at their blogs. So without further ado, we’d like to nominate these bloggers:

  1. Starting the Climb: I’m really drawn to young bloggers who are searching for meaning and purpose. This a one such person, who wants to help others! Why not check her out and give her a follow!
  2. Sweet Aroma: We are like-minded and her blog is full of the sweetness and goodness of our Lord’s creation!
  3. The Lord is with us: Another like-minded blogger whose heart searches for the same things as mine! I look forward to her refreshing posts!
  4. The Truth Lover: Oh, there might be a theme here, another like-minded blogger with a similar passion!  This very diversified and focused blogger has something for everyone interested in seeking the truth about life!
  5. A Backpacker’s Diary: This young man is an amazing photographer and observer of life. His insights are challenging and his views refreshing.
  6. RA for Beginners: This is an educational and encouraging blog by a young lady learning how to navigate life with her rheumatoid arthritis (or as she says, one swollen joint at a time).  Her beautiful blog is worth a stop by and follow!
  7. Reverent Devotion: Another young like-minded blogger. I look forward to her posts for my daily food encouragement!
  8. Words From One Heart: Another young lady with a similar focus, from France so English is not her primary language. I admire these bloggers who can write in another language.
  9. On RVing Time: Sharon is an accomplished writer, but this is a new blog site. Of course, we share the love of RVing, so she has much to share that interests us!
  10. Voyager of Freedom: This is an irresistible blog, so best to just quote from About: “They tell me it’s important to never forget who you are or where you come from, the rest is all irrelevant. For that reason I have done a lot of soul-searching and began on the quest to discover who I am spiritually, while never forgetting what I have already learned. I don’t know where life will take me, or how I will make the journey, but no one will ever take away where the journey began. That’s why I love to write; I write about everything: emotions, society, the things that I’ve experienced or felt but can’t explain., love, life, friends, politics or even oneself or others. My goal as a writer is to be perceived as the Artist that can write the unspoken words of your soul.”

If you chose to accept this award, please click here for the rules. Or you can modify them a bit as I am going to do.  I like it when bloggers just share random facts about themselves! So please give us at least 10 random facts about yourself, your blog, or something that is not necessarily on your About page or blog site!

God never said that the journey would be easy, but He did say that the arrival would be worthwhile.” Max Lucado


Awards awards awards!

WOW, we just didn’t realize so many people have recognized the heart of this blog. It shows that it is easy to lose track of comments from others.  We want to thank the following for nominating our blog for a few awards: LaciJasmin, Meggan, Saint P, and Vibrant (Anand)! I’m going to reply with a post to each over the next few days to keep this post at a manageable length.

It is so nice to be thought of in a special way, especially when going through some tough times.  We are off the road for about a month. We are re-blogging some other travel blogs of couples we have been “following” (and inspired by) since we began RVing (short for Recreational Vehicle traveling). But something has happened that made me decide to add to the focus of our Travel Adventure blog. It’s time to play it forward and share my new blogosphere experiences.

Quick history: When we began to dream about buying an RV and traveling, we found a few blogs which really inspired us. We began to follow them and realized we had much in common with them (our love for adventure and hiking)….so we have a special blogosphere “commenting” relationship! We’ve never met, but we could hang out around a fire pit and talk for hours, like old lost friends!  You will notice, we are re-blogging a few of their blogs. So I guess I won’t say much more, except they are amazing bloggers and adventure travelers – and have lots of “followers.” BTW, we are all retired and are in somewhat of the same station in life – so that helps with our commonality! Check out their sites: the Lowe’sIngrid & AlPam & John, and the Wandering Dawgs!

I realized I needed to enhance my (our) blogging, so I signed up in one WordPress Blogging University (BU) course, Blogging 101 in July (when we were again off the road). I only did about 1/2 of the course but met some wonderful bloggers. I then signed up to take it again the next month and enter a whole new world of fabulous bloggers with huge hearts!  In BU, you do learn to help and support each other, to read and comment on each other’s blogs, to help each other to find our ways in the blogosphere.

Thanks to Blabberwockying, authored by Anand, who is also known as Vibrant, I’ve been pushed over the edge to finally say, I’ll ACCEPT!!! Anand and I live in two totally different worlds, but we still have much in common. I can’t say enough good about him, except to say he is an amazing person.  And he has nominated us for three awards!

These awards are such an honor to receive. It means another blogger has seen the heart and soul of a fellow blogger and then nominates that person/blog to recognize the efforts put into the blog. I was not going to accept them on this blog because it didn’t “feel” appropriate since our focus narrow and to a specific audience (family and friends). I did accept one on my personal blog – the blog that really needs help to survive, but it is about my heart and soul!  A young man who I have very little in common with, except for the blogosphere, nominated me for that first award. I’ve become more or less a grandma to him (a major cheerleader for his work) and he in turn, has taken me under his wing to help me improve my actual blog look! What fun this has all been.

So now to go over my nominations. Because I have five, I am going to modify the rules a little. But first, let me thank each person as I draw you to the post that grabbed their attention to honor me:

In reverse order (to be determined), the latest award nomination, The Versatile Blogger Award nomination for our blog details are here.

Award Rules:

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy—if you can figure out how to do it.
Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers (I’m modifying to seven) that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
Nominate those 15 bloggers (or less) for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to the original site.
Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

7 Random Facts About Me (Bill is choosing to not participate):

  1. I’ve lived in three countries: USA, Germany, Japan
  2. I’ve traveled and/or worked in six countries: Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan
  3. I’ve had fabulous layovers in four countries: Tokyo (felt like home), London, Singapore, Abu Dhabi
  4. I can only speak English, but can talk gibberish with my sister.
  5. I have lived in seven USA states: Wyoming, Colorado, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Alabama, New Jersey, and Florida.
  6. I can’t count how many states I have traveled in. One day, I’ll try to count them. The goal is to drive our RV to all 49 states on our continent.
  7. I’m a wanderlust!

Definition borrowed from Wikipedia: The term originates from the German words wandern (to hike) and Lust (desire). The term wandern, frequently misused as a false friend, does in fact not mean “to wander”, but “to hike.” Placing the two words together, translated: “enjoyment of hiking”, although it is commonly described as an enjoyment of strolling, roaming about or wandering.

My Nominees…

I’ve selected these people because I see so much versatility in their blogs! I wish them continued success in their blogging and in their earthly existence!  Congratulations to each and it is your choice to participate. No hard feelings if you can’t accept, or don’t want to accept. But I do want you to know, I’m following you and look forward to watching your blog grow!!

  1.  Shine Positive Power! This young lady is amazing, encouraging, and so versatile with her posts.
  2. Just a bunch of Nuggets: Another young lady and blogging mom. We connected right away. I love nuggets!
  3. Oh, My Glai! When I think of versatile, this is the blog! Another young lady, and relatively new blogger that has so much to offer and share!
  4. Elihu’s Corner. This dad is a wonderful role model to his children and shares his timeless and Biblical principles that help all of us!
  5. See you starside. There are just certain bloggers with whom instantly click. This is another young lady that is doing all she can to create a very versatile and wonderful blog!
  6. Think Outside. Once you see this young man’s blog, you will know why we clicked. Another very versatile blogger and adventurer!
  7. Lydia and I also had an instant connection. She is also very versatile and has so much to offer!

There are a number of others I want to see recognized, so stay tuned as I catch up on our awards. Lots more to share!

You are valuable because you exist. Not because of what you do or what you have done, but simply because you are. –Max Lucado